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star wars droid pinball

Star Wars Pinball Never Looked Better


The answer to the nerdiest coffee table that’s ever existed is here: the R2-D2 Star Wars pinball coffee table. The only thing better than your morning joe is drinking it in a galaxy far, far away. Created by ALTAR Furniture, a company based in Budapest, this pinball coffee table is...

Sonic Spinball

Sonic Spinball For iPhone Review


[Rating: 3/5] Nostalgia is the lifeblood of remakes. We wouldn’t want to experience the same thing over again so readily for any other reason. “Hey, let’s rent Robocop, I remember it was great!” We all know the feeling. For some, the experience is, well, nostalgic. For others, eye-opening and proof...

Pinball Magic iPad

Pinball Magic Case And Game For The iPad


Got an irking for some pinball?  I know I don’t, but just in case you do, New Potato Technologies has tossed their pinball “case” into the enlargement machine and now offers a version for the iPad. In case you missed the iPod Touch/iPhone version, this cabinet of sorts holds your...

LCD Pinball Machine

This Pinball Machine Is All LCD (video)


Well, it looks like we’ve found the future of pinball. Nike has sponsored a new LCD Pinball technology for their World Cup promotional campaign in Spain. Everything, from the ball, bumpers, and game board is the creation of two super high resolution LCD displays, which is currently a soccer themed...