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Nokia Self Charging Phone

Nokia Files Patent For Piezoelectric Self-Charging Phone


In this particular day and age, with climate change and global warming being plastered across the news and media, Nokia couldn’t have chosen a better time to let slip details about a self-charging mobile phone. How it actually works is fairly straight forward. Energy from other components in the phone...

Corky Mouse

Corky: A Self Powered Mouse

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Don’t be fooled by Corky’s soft exterior, this mouse means business, self charging business.  Scrolling, clicking and moving Corky activates its piezoelectric elements generating enough energy to charge itself.  We’ve seen this tech in floors before, but never in a mouse.  Come to think of it a keyboard would be...


POWERleap Charging The World One Footstep At A Time

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We’ve seen piezoelectric flooring before, but now POWERleap hopes to bring the product to commercial availability.  In case you forgot, the concept is simple: when a person walks on the pad the energy from their foot step is captured, stored and ultimately recycled for later use.  In reality, massive foot...