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Ultrapak Tour Gets Your Phone Charged Fast


Dead batteries on your phone are always annoying, but the problem can get a lot worse when you’ve got the battery, and your phone takes forever to get charged up. Sometimes you’re impatient, sometimes you just need to get on the horn fast, but if you need power in your...


PantryChic Makes Baking Easier and Cleaner


With the new Kickstarter PantryChic in your kitchen, you’ll never need to use measuring cups ever again, meaning you’ll have less dishes to wash and less of a mess to clean up! The ingredient store and dispense system controls portions, measures precisely and dispenses those ingredients with the simple push...


Williams Sonoma Gets Iced Coffee Wrong With Zoku


I live in New England, and, once you live here long enough, you will drink iced coffee as your beverage of choice. It’s just going to happen. One day, you will realize it’s thirty degrees outside, you’re freezing, and you still ordered an iced coffee. So I learned to make...


Soto Torch Turns Lighters Into Useful Tools


If you’re camping, hiking, or just have a recalcitrant stove, you need a reliable source of fire. A lighter would seem to fit the bill, but lighters, as campers quickly learn, aren’t built to do anything other than light a pile of charcoal or a cigarette. This is where the...


Clime Can Sense Everything Around You


Increasingly, we’re looking for data about everything around us and inside us. We’re tracking everything from our heart rates to our spending rates, but the problem, increasingly, is becoming one of sensors. How do we add sensors to track the data we want to stay on top of? For your...


Aromafork Makes Food More Delicious


Our tastebuds can only recognize five flavors – sweet, sour, salt, biter and umami – but our nose can detect up to a trillion different smells. The Aromafork by Molecule-R wants to include your nose when you eat, making your brain work double to perceive both aromas and tastes to heighten...

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