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Benq’s DV S11 Is A Camcorder Slash PicoProjector


Benq’s newest camcorder comes with a pico projector built in, and a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor that, at 1/3.2 inch, has been the middle-of-the road consumer standard for years. Nevertheless, off the small sensor come 1080p videos. And to go even a little further down the consumer road of compromise,...


Wowwee Cinemin Slice iPad and iPhone Projector Dock


The Cinemin Slice iPad and iPhone dock from Wowwee is not content with being an also ran, and we are thankful for that. It’s maybe the first dock to feature a pico projector, and by the looks of it, it’s about average as pico-projectors go. But it’s not just a...


Sparkz Projector Dock For Your iPhone (video)


In what appears to be a product I’ve never seen the likes of, the Sparkz Projector Dock is a fresh and pricey new addition to aftermarket iPhone accessories.  The built-in pico projector accepts a variety of A/V and VGA inputs and is capable of displaying 640 x 480 resolutions at...


Forever Plus Pico Projector: Finally Cool At 720p


I was under the impression that Pico Projectors were cool. I guess it takes a lot these days for the big blogs to be impressed. The Forever Plus Pico Projector might just do that. For five minutes at least. The first Pico Projector to display at...