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The Portable SIM Card Makes Switching Phones Easy


Ask anybody who’s spent far too much time trying to get that tiny little tray open with a paper clip; switching out SIM cards on modern phones is an enormous pain. And it’s not just annoying for consumers. Manufacturers would also like to take the SIM card out of the...


The Fire-Engine Red Nexus 5 Is Here


The Nexus 5 is Google’s flagship smartphone, where they show off the new features of Android, and where they generally make the argument for putting Google in your pocket. And apparently, it’s now bright red. Red-Hot Google, being Google, simply announced the new color with a lack of fanfare; it...


Sprint’s Early Upgrade “One Up” Plan Loses A Life


Hey, remember Sprint’s One Up early upgrade plan? Yeah, neither does anyone else: It’s being put out to pasture just four months after it was introduced. Oh Sprint. Why did you have to grab the poison mushroom? One Down The Sprint “One Up” plan was clearly inspired by T-Mobile’s similar...


Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Is Big But Smaller Than It Looks

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Smartphones are getting bigger as screen sizes expand and as customers begin using their phones for more purposes. And the Galaxy Grand 2 seems to offer a lot of real estate: It’s got a 5.25 inch screen. But what else does it have going for it? Hopefully a low price,...


LG’s F3 and F6 Coming To T-Mobile


T-Mobile is getting the LG G2, much to their excitement. And it has been a while since T-Mobile has gotten a decent phone on time from a manufacturer. But buried amid all the hype was an announcement they’d be getting two other phones as well, the F3 and the F6....


New ROM Lets You Turn Any HTC One Into A ‘Google Edition’


Android is a great operating system for phones, but it’s also one that manufacturers can tweak and redesign, within certain parameters. That means all the problems that we had with phones in the last decade linger on: Crappy custom software that breaks functionality (aka “skins”), bloatware, and your phone limited....


13 of the Best Blackberry Z10 Features (list)


Yesterday was an interesting one for Blackberry. They unleashed a dual salvo of what they hope to be heavy hitters in the grueling take-no-prisoner smartphone racket. The Blackberry Q10 is probably the device on which the company is betting the farm. It brings back the heralded QWERTY keyboard and familiar...