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Triple SIM Card Phone, Yes Three


Dual SIM card phones have their place in this world, but triple SIM, really?   I guess with the recent and exploding economies in many developing countries it only seems inevitable.  The unnamed phone is made by a company called QiiQ  EcoCarrier Inc, who hails from the RAK Free Economic Zone...


Not Even Coolio Would Game On The Cool8800C


Holy impractical portable gaming device!  While other sites might applaud Cool8800C for its innovative ‘flip open gaming device’ design, I only see a painful gaming experience awaiting every bored commuter.  So yes, conceptually the idea is good, but placing a game pad on a hinge will surely lead to frustration...


Alcatel Buys The Rights To Lego, Erects Phone


Immature, toy, retro - call it what you'd like, but just about everyone I know loves them some Lego and would probably jump at the chance to own this Lego inspired handset from Alcatel. Based on the pics it looks like you can switch out the keypad and faceplate...


Gadget Leak: LG Neon (AT&T)


Looks like AT&T is getting a half assed touchscreen phone. Why the potty mouth. Well, the LG Neon's got a touchscreen, but only for dialing calls. Hidden beneath its 80s inspired color pallet is a full QWERTY keyboard [...]...

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