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Motorola Atrix HD Review

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The holidays are lurking just beyond the seasonal horizon. In less than a month, we will all be locked in the stifling vice-like clutches of last-minute shopping madness. But a plan of attack can stave off waiting in tedious long lines, depleted stock shelves and unnecessary money spent. If a...

T-Hub Landline Tablet Phone

Telstra Launches Their T-Hub Tablet Phone


Remember landlines? Yeah, me neither. But apparently, they do still exist. Now, Australian company Telstra is trying to up their cool technology quotient with their T-Hub tablet phone. This thing acts pretty much like an iPhone, with Facebook, YouTube, and Photo apps, contact lists, and text messages it sends through...

Old 1983 Phone

Game Changing Cell Phones Of The Last 30 Years

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Cell phones have come along way in the last 30 years.  In fact, it’s a bit difficult to believe that they’ve been around that long.  As a tween my father had one of the first cell phones, the brick (pictured above), but I’ll always associated that with Zach from the...

Vtech LS6325 Push To Talk Home Phone

VTech’s LS6325 Is The First Push-to-talk Home Phone System


Writing about cordless phone’s is about as interesting as watching paint dry.  But, low and behold some Vtech news that emerged today.  The company announced the first Push-to-talk DECT 6.0 cordless home phone telephone system, the LS6325.  Now you and your loved ones can be just like those obnoxious construction...


BeoCom 5 Telephone From Bang & Olufsen Is Just That


I must say, the BeoCom5 does look pretty, but will anyone actually buy it?  Probably not since it will probably cost an arm and a leg.  But before you poopoo this relic of a landline device, consider that it can also work with IP telephone systems and includes some new...


Verizon Hub Meets End Of Life


It was just this past February when Verizon officially put their Hub touchscreen VoIP device up for sale.  At the time it required a 2-year contract and $200 to get aboard, which is and was one of the many barriers to the device’s success.  ‘Was’ I say?  That’s right, the...