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Motorola’s Nexus 6 Goes Up Against The iPhone 6 Plus


Big phones are all the rage these days, and I admit, my previous skepticism towards the “phablet” has waned somewhat as I’ve used them and found them more useful and interesting than first suggested. With enough real estate to use as a tablet but with more functionality, they’re less goofy...


LG Goes Phablet With The LG Pro Lite


Larger screens are becoming all the rage, as we more towards an apparently standardized form factor of about six inches. And LG is no exception, with it’s new phone the LG Pro Lite. But unlike the Note 3, a flagship phone this isn’t. Lite Indeed Let’s start with the internals,...


Oppo N1 Is A Phablet With A 13MP Camera


Smartphones are getting better and better cameras all the time. This doesn’t mean, of course, that there are other features that perhaps you should put first, but if you use your smartphone primarily to take snapshots, you might want to take a look at the Oppo N1. Even if you...

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The HTC One Max Leaks, And It’s A Big Boy


Why, precisely, the phablet is popular, or at least popular enough to merit more than one on the market, is completely beyond me. Well, not completely, I suppose, but they’re a bit of “neither fish nor fowl” when it comes to form factors. And even by that standard, the HTC...