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The Pentagon Creates 6-Foot, 330-Pound Life Saving Robot


With all the natural disasters that happen these days, the Pentagon thought it was about time that it created a humanitarian robot to save lives. The 6-Foot, 330-Pound robot nicknamed Atlas is supposed to save lives in disaster zones like Fukushima. Although it looks pretty capable, the robot still lacks a...


Today Zombie Pigs, Tomorrow Project NIMBUS

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Some days I don’t know just how creeped out to feel about the Pentagon. There are days when I’m convinced the whole thing is run by Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers series.  Not too long ago I got you some insider data on their plan to make zombie pigs...


Pentagon Plans Zombie Pig Project: Night of the Living Swine?

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Now, you might look at the above title, and conclude that I’ve finally gone whistling fruitcrackers clear round the bend.  Or maybe just thoroughly insane for those who don’t like colorful metaphors.  But I assure you it is true–the Pentagon is currently hard at work spending your tax dollars on...


Corpse Powered Robots??

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When I hear the words “Pentagon” and “corpse eating robots” together in the same sentence, the first thing I do is check my medication. And then I realize I don’t TAKE medication, and further realize that I’m watching Fox News, so that explains everything. Anyway, as it turns out, they’re...