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Phree Lets You Write Anywhere, On Anything


There’s a lot of value in the pens and paper we’ve largely left behind or delegated to the specialists. Some of us can write better than we swipe; others just want to be able to sketch or hand-write something occasionally without having to track down an art store or haul...

Power Pen

The Power Pen: Charge Your Phone AND Write


If you ask any businessman or businesswoman what their two most valuable things in the office are, they’ll likely tell you a pen and their smartphone. Of course, you can’t use your smartphone if the battery dies halfway through the day. That’s where the Power Pen comes in, an ingenious pairing of...

Bullet Pen

.375 Bullet Pen


The person that said that the pen was mightier than the sword, obviously didn’t know about the Fisher Space Pen.  It’s made from a real deal .375 caliber bullet and probably isn’t best for those of you that do a fair bit of airplane travel. If you’re wondering how it...

Turtle Pens

Turtle Pens Are the New Ball Point Pen, but Way Cooler (video)


Push pens can drive anyone bananas.  An endless array of “click, click, click” from your anxious riddled cubicle neighbor can drive anyone bat s&!# crazy. Turtle Pens have removed the easily accessible, and traditional push mechanism and have replaced it with casing that snaps back.  Imagine it to be the equivalent of...

Bottle Opener Pen

Bottle Opener Pen Will Surely Get You Her Number


Where there is an unopened beer bottle there is a will to open it.  While I prefer to crack my bottled beer with a lighter – it always garners a reaction – the Bottle Opener Pen shouldn’t be overlooked.  It’s made of brass and stainless steel so it probably weighs...

Uzi Pen

Uzi Tactical Pen Will Blast Enemies In The Jugular


As the saying goes, ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’.  The Uzi Tactical Pen looks like your everyday, garden variety writing utensil, right?  Wrong.  The crown of the pen is ultra sharp and can be jammed into an assailant’s body part to not only ward off an attack, but...


WiFi Detecting Ball Point Pen


And you thought pocket protectors were geeky.  In fact, the WiFi Detecting Ball Point is the perfect compliment to any gadget geeks lust for gear.  Hit a button and the pen’s LED will light up if there is a WiFi hotspot in proximity.  The greater the signal strength the more...