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Simplify Your Life With The Peek Calendar App


It doesn’t get any simpler than a traditional smartphone calendar, but the Peek Minimal Calendar App claims to have reinvented it. Designed with a minimal interface, Peek aims to add a human touch to the calendar experience. All about eliminating overwhelming features of mobile calendar, Peek is designed to be...

Peek 9

Peek Deploys New Handset, Peek 9


Peek certainly set the mobile phone market a stir when they released their first handset.  It was a ‘text’ only device. In other words you could receive and send emails but you couldn’t make a phone call.  It was affordable and perhaps practical for those who didn’t have a smartphone...

Peek Pronto - 1

Gadget Review: Peek Pronto Email Device


Late last week I received the Peek Pronto, Peeks newest and latest. This model boasts improvements over the first iteration of the device which includes an all around faster machine (50% faster), support for up to 5 email account (3 more), support for Push Email and Microsoft Exchange, unlimited text...


Peek Handheld On Sale, Today Only For $50


Perhaps you miss the days of Blackberry handsets that were email only?  Or maybe you just want an email device so you can stay in the know during business school exams and other sorted affairs that are sure to transpire during moments of vacationing?  If so, then do I have...

Peek Handheld Email-Only Device Available For Pre-Order


By: Daniel O Peek made it’s email-only handset available for pre-order today. It should be arriving with a $100 price tag at Target on Monday with a choice of three colors. Its functionality is key to it’s design. So for those of you who are considering buying a smartphone, but...