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Pebble Time Preorders Open, Smartwatch Ships in July


Now is the time for Pebble Time – specifically, for preordering the latest version of the smartwatch, which you can buy now and then get yours when the watches start shipping in July. Pebble found a nice niche in the smartwatch market, offering particularly affordable watches at much lower price...


Pebble Time Upgrades The Popular Smartwatch


Apple may have a pile of hype, Dick Tracy may be able to claim the original idea, but inarguably it’s the Pebble that made the wearable tech industry what it is today. The modest watch, using an e-paper design, was an absolute bulldozer on Kickstarter and has a surprising number...

D-Link Peble Media Player - 2

CES 2010: D-Link Pebble Hands On (video)


I think it’s fair to say that the living room media player market has become a bit over saturated.  Just a few days ago Lacie presented us with yet another option to pipe our network connected media to our living room TV and now D-Link is joining the bunch with...