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A New Apple Patent Might Hint At Removable Touchscreen Laptop


Today a new Apple patent emerged to address the issues associated with disconnecting a hard drive or USB drive before it has been officially unmounted from the system’s OS.  You’ve probably had this experience when you’ve unplugged your external hard drive from your computer before ‘ejecting’ it and a warning...


Samsung Keyboard Patent To Give Your Phone Wings


Is it me or do all these approaches to the unconventional keyboard seemed flawed out the gate?  I mean, the Versa’s modular keyboard idea is great but it’s far from practical when compared to the iPhone or Palm PRE.  And Samsung’s latest patent filing is no exception to my aforementioned...


Apple Biometric Security Patent Hints At DNA Sequencing


A newly released patent from Apple shows that the computer maker cum media giant is considering biometric security for its next generation of iPhones and laptops.  It’s not exactly ground breaking news as other computer and cell phone manufactures have already implemented such security for some time now, but since...