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Apple Unsurprisingly Wants Your iPhone To Control Everything


Ah, Apple. Where everybody else is going all “open architecture” and “open source”, you’re still running with the closed architecture and the walled garden. Not that this is stopping Apple from adding to their walled garden, specifically, if they have their way, with your car and your house being completely...

itunes spiral

Apple Patents Reveal New iTunes Spiral Interface


Ever been to an Apple store with a spiral staircase? They’re awesome to look at from a design perspective. Now it looks like iTunes might be getting a similar look, as an Apple patent shows plans for a ‘Spiral Interface’. It works by grouping artists, genres, or albums together under...

touchscreen imac

Apple Patent Reveals A Touchscreen iMac


A website called PatentlyApple has uncovered, you guessed it, patents for a touchscreen iMac. The patent covers a multi-touch interface for Apple’s all-in-one, including an orientation sensor. Thre’s been rumors of an OSX/iOS combination for a few months now. Of course, this is a patent, so be aware that this...

Solar iPhone Patent

Solar iPhone Patent


Solar infused cell phones are nothing new, but soon as a company like Apple is involved the world is all ears.  Their newly minted patent calls for an iPhone that uses a capacitive touchscreen with a layer of solar cells hidden behind it.  Cool, because I would hate to see...

Apple iPhone Patent

Apple Finally Gets Design Patent For iPhone 3G, 3GS


Hot on the heels of the leaked redesign for the iPhone 4G, Apple’s gotten a legal lock on the design of its predecessor. USPTO patent number D615083 protects Apple’s “ornamental design” for the 3G and 3Gs. Which means that the multitude of iPhone ripoffs, primarily the stuff Meizu puts out,...

Apple Invisible Button

Apple Patent Promises Magic Invisible Buttons On Your Laptop


Apple’s patents are usually pretty interesting, even if they haven’t shown up in their products yet. So with that, we have the “Disappearing Button or Slider”, a patent that was filed a couple years ago based on the last-gen MacBook Pro that’s included in the patent images. Basically, the patent...

Apple Concert Ticket Patent

Apple Patent Hints At Expansion Into Concert Ticket Sales


More Apple rumors! We know you love them just as much as us, though. This one comes from a patent filed September 2008 that has now been made available to the public. In it, Apple discusses new ways to interact with your concert tickets — “digital content” like coupons or...

Apple Cover Flow Patent

Apple Files And Obtains Patent For ‘Cover Flow’


In continuing Apple world domination news, the company now has a patent on the Cover Flow technology that started in iTunes and is now a system standard since the arrival of OS Leopard. Labelled Apple patent D613,300, it covers the appearance of the Cover Flow technology, that smooth scrolling through...

Apple Head Mounted Display

Apple Patent Shows Head Mounted Display


This is a big week for Apple: of course, the iPad is coming out Saturday, but they’ve also been filing some new patents that are popping up online. One such patent is for a head-mounted display system that communicates with a portable device — like the iPhone, duh. The device...

Nokia Self Charging Phone

Nokia Files Patent For Piezoelectric Self-Charging Phone


In this particular day and age, with climate change and global warming being plastered across the news and media, Nokia couldn’t have chosen a better time to let slip details about a self-charging mobile phone. How it actually works is fairly straight forward. Energy from other components in the phone...