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A Liquidmetal iPhone Could Become A Reality

A Liquidmetal iPhone Could Become A Reality

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Liquidmetal has been around for a while now, but no one has really figured out how to put the metal alloy that’s quite difficult to manufacture to use. But that might all change now since it’s rumored that Apple might have figured out how and are testing it on future...


Apple Patents New Headset MP3 Player

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Once again, Apple has blown us all away with its relentless flood of gadgetry, as a new patent has emerged. It’s about what you’d get if you managed to combine an iPod Shuffle with a Bluetooth headset, and what it’s being called right now is a headset MP3 player. You...


Nintendo Files Football Controller Patent For The Wii


With the approaching start of the NFL season right around the corner it only seems appropriate that Nintendo would be filing a patent for a new Wii Football controller.  Presumably a soft Nerf style football, the above image depicts slots for where the Wii remote and nunchuk would fit.  A...

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