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Parrot AR.Drone Now Accepting Preorders For September Release


The Parrot AR.Drone has been previewed here at GadgetReview, and is set for release September 3rd for $299. So it’s good that pre-orders have started at Brookstone’s website. Remember that the drone is controlled by iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and that augmented reality games featuring those devices will make...

Parrot AR.Drone - 1

AR.Drone Launch Date And Price Announced


It’s been almost 6 months since we heard anything from Parrot regarding their AR.Drone, but today word is born.  The AR.Drone will go on sale this September and cost $299.  Adding insult to injury (it seems a tad expensive) you’ll need to drop $2.99 for their augmented reality app games. ...

Parrot AR.Drone - 1

CES 2010: The Parrot AR.Drone Eyes On (video)


We’ve already reviewed the specs for Parrot’s AR.Drone and seen their in-house videos.  But nothing compares to a first hand account of the quadricopter.  It turns out that the battery life is about 15 minutes per charge,  but unlike its controller (the iPhone) the battery is removable and replaceable.  As...

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