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Teens and Mobile Phones 1

Interesting Infographic on Teens and Mobile Phones

Cell phones (or really smartphones) are practically a necessity in today’s culture and parents have their work cut out for them if they have a teenager at home that’s always on their  cell. Teens are vulnerable and can easily develop dangerous cell phone habits or even get caught up in...

Parent Autocorrect

20 Parental Autocorrect Texts Turned Sexual (list)


Autocorrect makes for lots of laughs, especially when they turn sexual. But it’s an entirely new level when autocorrect sexualizes texts from the parental units. For this version of autocorrect texts turned sexual, we’ve compiled a list with texts from mom and dad that got a bit naughty! 20. Dirty...


GameDR Timer For When You Need To Curb Your Gaming Prowess


Imagine all the things you could have become if video games did not exist.  To help you with that is the GameDR, a timer that shuts down your gaming systems when it’s time to do something else.  GameDR basically shackles any cord you plug into it and disables power upon...