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Nubo: A Security Cam Ready to Beat the Competition


It’s hard wave an arm in the wireless world without hitting a mobile security cam, but new models keep coming. Panasonic and Vodafone, however, have launched a serious contender called Nubo that could be the cam to beat in 2015. Nubo is, on the surface, another wireless security cam of...


Panasonic Returns To Smartphones With The DMC-CM1


Panasonic was never a leader in smartphones, and in the past, it’s largely been content to leave the smartphone market to others while focusing on other consumer products, especially high-end imaging. But it’s coming back to the smartphone market, and it’s coming back with a vengeance. Camera? Phone? Why Not...


Deals: Amazon Fire TV Gets its First Real Discount


Tired of the same old Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast? Today the new Amazon Fire TV received its first significant price drop direct from the manufacturer. At $84, it’s a dollar cheaper than the usual Apple TV sale price – and the Apple TV doesn’t let you use voice commands...


The Panasonic Lumix GH4 Records 4K Video


Panasonic’s Lumix GH line, built around the micro four-thirds standard, has been notable for bringing a lot of power to the “low end” DSLR market. It was a pioneer of video recording on interchangeable-lens form factors, and it’s currently blasting through a new barrier: Making 4K video cheaper for all...

Panasonic Hybrid Vaccuum-1

Panasonic’s New “Hybrid” Vacuum Can Suck Up A Bowling Ball


Vacuum cleaners are not exactly the “sexiest” of gadgets; while vacuum cleaner technology has steadily marched forward over the decades, it’s rarely the kind of thing you care about unless you’re a janitorial professional or a deeply boring human being. But a robot that can suck up a bowling ball?...


Panasonic Is Putting An End To Their Plasma TVs

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Like plasma TVs? If you’ve got the money, you might want to stock up and or at least put one in storage, because they’re not long for this world. At least, not from Panasonic. An Ignominous End Don’t expect much in the way of news or explanation for this: Panasonic...