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BBQ Dragon Fire Supercharger main

BBQ Dragon Fire Supercharger Review


ot having snow and cold weather isn’t the only benefit of living on the West Coast (Southern California in particular); there’s also the ability to barbecue all year round. But just because the potential to do so is there doesn’t mean that doing a BBQ right is a given: most...


Triton Oxygen Respirator Nixes Bulky Tank


Apparently, outh Korean designer, Jeabyun Yeon, has designed an oxygen mask that draws air from the water that you swim. The Triton Oxygen Respirator nixes the tank, making diving a lot easier. The plastic mouthpiece features gill-like arms on the sides of the scuba mask that provide you with air. It has small holes...


Oxyfit Mobile Oxygen Supply Doesn’t Seem Legal

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I’m having a hard time swallowing the reality of this product, but if it’s real then sign me up for a trial run.  The Oxyfit Mobile Oxygen Supply is essentially a portable oxygen machine that provides you with an increased dose of oxygen during exercise or whenever you feel like...