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Nerf Rhino-Fire Brings Two Barrels To Your Nerf Wars


We all love Nerf, even if it’s supposedly a secret love. The foam rubber darts, the suction-cups, the profound satisfaction of knowing that you can peg your coworker, family member, or fellow nerd between the eyes with a children’s toy… it’s a truly great thing. And, Nerf being Nerf, you...

USB tower 1

Here’s A Tower With 40 (!!!) USB Ports


USB is the charging technology of choice. Even Apple, the only mobile company still clinging to proprietary connectors, still begrudgingly has a USB connector at the end of those millions of charging cords. There are dozens of devices that need charging, and apparently somebody decided we needed to have them...

Panasonic Hybrid Vaccuum-1

Panasonic’s New “Hybrid” Vacuum Can Suck Up A Bowling Ball


Vacuum cleaners are not exactly the “sexiest” of gadgets; while vacuum cleaner technology has steadily marched forward over the decades, it’s rarely the kind of thing you care about unless you’re a janitorial professional or a deeply boring human being. But a robot that can suck up a bowling ball?...


Filip: A Tracking Bracelet For Your Kids

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There really is such a thing as too paranoid. Kids are going to do dumb things no matter what adults try to do to teach them not to, like wander off. But, at the same time, it does make sense to be able to track your kids down if they...


Meet The World’s Biggest Dump Truck


Dump trucks are probably the most primal manifestation of big, powerful things with motors that you can find. And, for some reason, we’re constantly making them bigger, to the point where they’re land boats. The latest claim to the throne comes from Belaz, a Belarusian company, and if it’s not...