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ATC Chameleon Action Camera

Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon Dual Lens Action Cam Captures the Front and Back Simultaneously (video)


Traditional action cams capture just one angle of daring athleticism.  Oregon Scientific ATC Chameleon action camera eschews that by including two lenses that simultaneously record footage from the front and the back. [GR]QBOBi7bJIAg[/GR] The $200 action camera is relatively rudimentary compared to the Hero3 or Drift HD Ghost as it doesn’t sport an LCD...

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Oregon Scientific Heart Rate Monitor Tells You When To Drink Water


Oregon Scientific is the creator of this rather touchy heart rate monitoring watch. Get it? Touchy, because it has a touchscreen. Allright, not funny. But you can indeed tap the screen to change between the several modes the SH201 possesses. Aside from three exercise profilIes (jogging, running and cycling) it...


Oregon Scientific Launches Helios Weather Station


New to the Oregon Scientific lines of products is the Helios Solar Weather Station.  To be entirely honest there’s nothing new going on here, but it does offer a semi-robust feature set at a reasonable price, especially when compared to their +ECO line. So what are the deets?  Aside from...


Oregon Scientific’s New Marathon Pedometer

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If you are turning over a new leaf of health consciousness and need a new pedometer to help reach your goals, look no further.  Oregon Scientific’s new Marathon Pedometer has all the important features to help you get your stride on. The pedometer uses accelerometer technology so you can wear...


Know The Weather At A Glance With The Weather Station Mood


One quick ‘take’ of the Weather Station Mood from Oregon Scientific and you’ll know if the forecast calls for cloudiness, partially cloudiness, rain or sun.  The base of the clock changes color accordingly, while displaying the exact temperature and time thanks to the PTB in Brunswick, Germany. Available here for...