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Orange’s OPC Amp Gets Full Specs And Pricing


Back in April, we brought you the awesome news that British amp maker Orange was releasing the OPC, a PC inside a fully working Orange amp. Now, Orange has finally released full specs for the hybrid device. The OPC features a high end 24 bit audio 5.1 interface, which should...

Orange Amp Computer

OPC Computer Amplifier: A Computer Rifting As An Amp


I’m both a big music and technology fan, but I never would’ve thought this would ever happen. Orange, an amp company that (in my opinion) makes awesome gear, has announced a crazy PC/amp hybrid. The OPC Computer Amplifier is a frankenstein monster — inside an Orange amp enclosure lies a...


Another Cash For Gadgets Program, This Time At Orange


In an interesting move, now retailer Orange is getting into the cash for old gadgets game with its Recycle and Reward program. While they don’t have the awesome automated kiosks of other vendors, Orange will give you a quote and a check within a week when you take whatever it...


Gadget Concept: Glastonbury Solar Tent From Orange


Heralded as the “tent of the future”, this concept tent from UK company Orange will have you camping out just to buy one.  The Glastonbury Solar Tent is made from a photovoltaic fabric that has special solar threads woven in so you’ll never be without power for your GPS device...


Orange Power Pump Charges Your Cell By Foot Power


Orange UK has partnered with GotWind to produce a light weight mobile phone charger that is both green and convenient.  Crafted from a good old regular air bed pump, the device converts your foot power into electricity by driving a turbine, which subsequently powers your mobile phone.  GotWind says that...


Vegas: An Ultra Cheap Touchscreen Phone


The UK ain’t no stranger to the credit crisis and nor is Orange, one of many cell phone carriers in the country island.  So much so in fact that they’re offering an ultra cheap touchscreen, pay as you go phone, the Vegas.  Available in bubblegum pink or black, the Vegas...


Gadget Rumor: Orange To Sell Subsidized Apple Laptop


MobileToday in the UK is reporting that Orange, the European telecom, is close to finalizing a deal with Apple to sell their laptops at a subsidized rate.  Without referencing any solid sources, the report states that Orange would discount an Apple laptop if the subscribers signs up for two years...