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OLED Rocking Chair-1

OLED Lamp Powered By The Movement Of A Rocking Chair


Although it might be a bit far from reality the Murakami Chair is one slick design that has my head nodding with agreement.  The attached OLED lamp, which requires less energy than a standard light bulb to operate, draws energy from an on board battery pack that is powered by...


Samsung Behold II About To Launch in US

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Cell phone buffs, listen up, because the long awaited arrival of the Samsung Behold II in the United States is coming on the order of soon. The Behold II, which uses Google’s Android operating system along with Samsung’s own Touchwiz interface offers a 3.2 inch AMOLED touchscreen, a five megapixel...


LG Readying 15-inch OLED Display For November Launch


I’m still not sold on the whole OLED experience, at least as far as home entertainment goes.  Although, I do believe it’s a great piece of tech for the portable gadget market since it’s light on power consumption and boasts a stunning picture; laptops included. So pardon mean when I...


Vobis HIGHSCREEN PP5420: A Dual Touchscreen Android Smartphone


Although it probably won’t ever hit US shores, the Vobis HIGHSCREEN PP5420 daul-touchscreen smartphone isn’t short on originality.  It runs the Android OS and features dualband 900/2100MHz HSPA, WiFi, GPS, 3-inch WQVGA panel, a 3 megapixel camera, microSD card slot, TV out and a second 1.5-inch OLED screen that doubles...


Zune HD Gets Officialized: In Cahoots With Xbox Live


Today Microsoft officially announced the Zune HD to thousands of screaming fans.  While possibly too little too late, the Zune HD will attempt to steal some iPod Touch thunder with the inclusion of such features as:  A built in HD radio receiver, HD video capabilities, OLED touch screen, and WiFi. ...


Sony NWZ-X1000 OLED Walkman Gets Priced For US


I can’t say I’ve been holding my breath waiting for Sony’s latest X Series Walkman (NWZ-X1000) with OLED screen to release here in the US.  But today Amazon US officially received pricing info for the 16GB and 32GB MP3 player.  It will set you back $299.95 and $399.95, respectively.  Unfortunately,...