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BioShock Infinite + DLC only ten bucks, cheap 39-inch TV & more


Hot deal spotted on BioShock Infinite at digital games retailer GameAgent. The Steam key is only ten bucks after coupon 9to5Mac, normally $39.99. Not only that, but GameAgent is throwing in Columbia’s Finest DLC pack for free which normally runs an extra $4.99. Looking for a reasonably sized barebones HDTV?...

AOC i2757fh-1

AOC Ultra-Slim i2757FH 27in HD Display Review

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I really enjoy an unhampered high quality image. I don’t care if it’s real or imagined–illustrated or real-life photos… I have a great appreciation for the things I suck at and art is one of them (unless it’s the art of rhetorical sorcery). So when the chance arose to test...

Logitech ConferenceCam BCC950-8758

Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam Review


Many of us have left the office space to work from home, or at least away from a dedicated office. For some, that’s permanent. For others, it’s just that day of the week to work from home. And while that freedom is liberating, it leaves much to be desired. Working...


Tetra Shed Backyard Office (pics)


Working from your kitchen, bedroom, living room – really any room in your home – is a bad idea.  Why?  You’ll soon associate the stress of your work with your abode, which is never good.  You won’t be able to relax, fall asleep as easily or enjoy the comforts of...

Air Strike Catapult

Air Strike Catapult


Laying the physical smack down on your coworker will probably get you ejected into the world of unemployed.  So the question always arises: how do you seek revenge on your cubicle neighbor who is everything but considerate?  Ideally you’d fire flaming fireballs in his general direction in the hopes that...




The advent of the Internet has enabled a big pool of the work force to telecommute.  Case in point is this website, which doesn’t have an office, and instead finds most of its writers working out of coffee shops or if they dare, their homes.  Working from home, though, presents...

Griffin Stylus and Pen

Griffin Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer Review


Eschewing a fancy name, the Griffin Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer does absolutely everything advertised on the box. Part executive wondertoy, part creative multitool, the Griffin Stylus is a bit pricy when you consider that all three of its features can be purchased separately for a fraction of the...

Folio Notepad

For The Endless List: Folio Notepad


Post-it notes are easily one of the most useful inventions of this century.  Just ask my father who is all but obsessed with them.  One problem though: sometimes you don’t need the entire Post-it’s Note. Enter the Folio Notepad.  Instead of individual notes it uses a roll of paper that...


Pop-Up Coffee Table


This handy dandy pop-up coffee table lets you turn your living room into an office in a moments notice.  You can also use the space underneath for extra storage for weed pipes and remotes and stuff.  The spring-loaded tabletop is made from birch veneer with a walnut finish and would...