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Underwater Google Street View Camera-2

This is the Camera Google Uses to Create Underwater Street View


Google’s Street View is a remarkable piece of technology that has has significantly influenced how we locate points of interest – heck, it can even help fight parking tickets (trust me, this works).  And while we’ve long known about the Street View cars (I’ve seen one in person) and Street View trikes, little has...

LED Surfboard

LED Surfboard (video)


LED + Surfboard?  That’s a formula that is guaranteed to result in 1000s of video views.  117k views in the last week truth be told. Argentine professional surfer Aritz Aranburu hit the waters and tore up the waves with this LED surfboard built by Puka Surf Co. We tried to...


Necker Nymph Submarine Sea Plane


The James Bond movies have had their fair share of gadgets.  That goes without saying, clearly.  Unfortunately, most of those gadgets will never come to life, since they’re either completely ludicrous or just don’t have the necessary funding to become a reality.  That is unless of course you’re Sir Richard...


Google Files Patent For Wave Powered Floating Server


Ha! You thought the ‘wave’ and ‘floating’ were tech speak. Wrong! Although the patent was filed back in February of this year, it was just recently spotted by a Slashdotter. So what is it? A data center that’s powered and cooled by the ‘motion of the ocean’ and resides 7...