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Roller Notes Sticky Note Roll

Roller Notes Sticky Note Roll Makes Notes Fun


Sticky Notes…we all use them. They’re great at home, work and school, but they can be a bit boring. Why not spruce up your sticky notes by using the Roller Notes Sticky Note Roll that introduces a new spin on how you’ll leave notes around your home or office. Instead of...

Folio Notepad

For The Endless List: Folio Notepad


Post-it notes are easily one of the most useful inventions of this century.  Just ask my father who is all but obsessed with them.  One problem though: sometimes you don’t need the entire Post-it’s Note. Enter the Folio Notepad.  Instead of individual notes it uses a roll of paper that...


The Handheld Counterfeit Cash Tester


If you work behind a counter at a 711 or a quickie mart of a similar ilk than you’ve been tasked with making sure notes of a large denominations aren’t fake.  But the naked eye can’t always detecting counterfeit bills, hence the handheld sized cash tester.  It’s said to work...