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Roller Notes Sticky Note Roll

Roller Notes Sticky Note Roll Makes Notes Fun


Sticky Notes…we all use them. They’re great at home, work and school, but they can be a bit boring. Why not spruce up your sticky notes by using the Roller Notes Sticky Note Roll that introduces a new spin on how you’ll leave notes around your home or office. Instead of...

Smartphone Note 2

Smartphone Note


Strangely enough most, if not all of us still use a pen and paper to make notes.  Something about writing helps us think, where as typing can counter our creative side.  This notebook, which mind you is perfect for those of you heading back to school this September, if not...


NoteSlate Tablet Designed For Notes, Costs Just $100

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Tablets rock, no doubt about that, but if you’re a note taker at heart then they’re probably a bit too much kit for you.  The Noteslate, which we have to emphasize as a CONCEPT ONLY, as you probably deduced, is designed purely for taking notes and making scribbles. The design...