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Nokia N900 Full Specs And Price


Nokia officially unveiled the lurid (kidding) details of their N900 “mobile computer” today.  That’s right, they’re calling it a computer, not a phone.  Thanks to Mobile-review and Mobile Crunch we’ve already been familiarized with its specs, but since we’ve got them on the official, let’s rehash them, shall we? We’re...


Nokia N97 Review


A few weeks, perhaps even almost a few months ago, Nokia introduced their flagship handset, the Nokia N97. I’m not a die hard Nokia fan, but what little I did see about the N97 before the official announcement had me relatively excited, and some what happy that the Finish phone...


Gadget Leak: Official N900 Press Shot


Last week we got our first official peak at Nokia’s newest phone, the N900. While we’ve known of its existence for a while, previous to Mobile-reviews official hands on we had only seen renders and heard rumors of the device. Now, today someone has leaked an official press shot and...


Nokia Announces Booklet 3G Netbook (video)

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In a surprise move, without much hype before the announcement this morning, Nokia entered the Netbook market.  Called the Booklet 3G, the 10.1-inch machine is powered by an Intel Atom processor, and includes 3G connectivity and hot-swappable SIM cards which should allow you to surf the net using the same...


Gadget Leak: Nokia N900 (aka Rover) Smartphone Gets Groped

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Back in May we saw rendered images of Nokia’s N900 (aka Rover, aka Maemo Flagship).  Now, according to this is the handset in the flesh.  As you can see it’s very similar to Mobile Crunch’s renders and it includes Nokia’s awkward (misaligned spacebar) QWERTY keyboard setup.  OS wise were...


Gadget Leak: Mini Nokia N97 Spotted


I didn’t see this one coming.  Apparently, there is a mini Nokia N97 floating around out there some where.  It’s possible that the smaller touchscreen, QWERTY phone was conceived at the same time as the N97 and just didn’t make it to market.  But since the N97 is a bit...


Vertu Launches A Carbon Fiber Collection


After market car part fans can now rejoice thanks to the introduction of Vertu’s latest collection, the Carbon Fibre. They’ll be available this August and price, well you’ll have to ask, because Vertu doesn’t feel the need to publish or perhaps deter any potential buyers. The phone depicted here is...


Nokia Surge Price And Launch Date Announced


Billed as a ‘socially supercharged smartphone’, the Nokia Surge will hit the AT&T network on July 19th and costs $79.99 after a 2-year contract and $50 mail-in-rebate.  This Symbian S60 based Nokia is flash compatible (wow) and includes the following features: a 2 megapixel camera, 3G connectivity, full slideout QWERTY...


Nokia E72 Revealed, Just An Updated E71


Nokia is no stranger to device iterations, and to confirm this they announced the E72, an updated version of their wildly popular E71 smartphone.  The E72 features a 10mm thick body, full QWERTY keyboard and HSDPA connectivity.  They’ve also tossed in the media friendly 3.5mm headphone jack, bumped the camera...


Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Phone Announced


Nokia unveiled a new version of their Xpressmusic phone today, the 5530 XpressMusic.  So what makes the 5530 different from the 5800?  According to Nokia it comes in a smaller and sleeker package.  They’ve also added a new contact bar to the home screen which allows access to up to...