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nokia treasure tag

Nokia Treasure Tag Finds Your Valuables, Connects to Lumia Phone


We all hate when we lose things, especially at pivotal moments like when you’re leaving the house only to find that you misplaced your car keys or your wallet. It’s something we’ve all done and every time we’ve done it, we’ve wished we had some sort of device that would...


The Nokia Lumia Icon Is A New, And Excellent, Flagship Phone


Microsoft has spent a lot of time and energy trying to make Windows Phone more than just an also-ran. And while they’ve delivered some pretty great phones to support Windows Phone 8, there just hasn’t been the one phone that breaks through. Can the Nokia Lumia Icon turn that around?...


Storming The Beaches With Normandy: Does Nokia Have An Android Phone?


Nokia has been getting creative as it struggles to regain the market edge that it once enjoyed. That’s why Nokia currently offers a phone that’s as much camera as communications device. And it’s also why the company has been testing an Android-based device. Nokia Joins The Droid Army Code-named Normandy,...


Move Over Google Glass, Vuzix Has Its Own Smart Glasses


Google’s Glass has some competition! Vuzix has announced its M2000AR HMD smart glasses that benefits from the new Wavequide optics that’s built in partnership with Nokia. While Google Glass is meant to be for the general population, Vuzix’s smart glasses is targeted toward industrial users, but one for consumers isn’t far behind....


Nokia Will Have The First Smartphone That Shoots RAW


Nokia has, of late, invested a lot of time and energy into the cameras on its phones. We’ve all seen the ad where people get clotheslined at a school play talking about its lens and zoom features. But Nokia is really doubling down, according to rumor, and going RAW. RAW...

Nokia Lumi 1520-2

Nokia Lumia 1520 is a 6-inch Phablet, Leaked in Pics


Pictured here is what is said to be Nokia’s newest Windows phone, a 6-inch device that sits some where between tablet and smartphone. According to the Verge’s tipster, the Nokia Lumia 1520 will sports a 6-inch 1080p display, 32GB of storage expandable via an SD slot, 2GB of RAM, and...

Nokia 808 PurevView

Nokia’s Symbian Put To Rest


The end must come to all and it seems that Nokia’s Symbian smartphone platform will no longer be around, as reported by The Financial Times this past Wednesday. According to their report, Nokia has built and shipped out their last batch of Symbian smartphones ever. What was once the most...

Jolla Phone

The Jolla Story

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Jolla was formed by those responsible for the Linux-based N770, N800, N810, N900, N9 (and other variants) running Maemo/MeeGo who found themselves surplus to requirements at Nokia as an indirect result of the Burning Platform memo in 2011. The “Burning Platform” memo was issued by the venerable Stephen Elop upon...

Jolla Phone

Jolla Phone Unveiled, Hardware Upgradable Backings and Sailfish OS


We live in a world dominated by Android and iOS.  Blackberry is effectively no more, though they’re trying to fight the good fight.  So I was surprised and relatively interested when I learned about a new smartphone player called Jolla. Jolla runs on its own operating system called Sailfish –...

Nokia Asha 501

Nokia Asha 501 Affordable Sub-$100 Smartphone (video)


As prices for practically everything continues to skyrocket it seems a hundred dollar bill is becoming the new penny. Its without a doubt that a $100 doesn’t go as far as it used. But Nokia is making sure it can still get you on the premium item affordability list with...

Nokia 105

The Nokia 105’s Battery Lasts Up to 35 Days On a Single Charge


Today’s phones are filled with so many bells and whistles, just about anyone would have a hard time recounting them all from memory.  Case in point is my Nexus 4.  I could probably list off the phone’s major features, but when it comes to all that it can do, I’m...