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PS3 Dark

First Look: PDP Tron Controllers


I can’t wait for Tron: Legacy. It’s not because Bruce Boxleitner is in it (well, not entirely). It’s because Tron was an amazing film from Disney, and the new one looks badass. So I’ll admit, I’ve fallen for fandom on this one…but PDP’s Tron controllers are damn sweet! Click to...

Red Nintendo Wii

Red Nintendo Wii Celebrates Mario’s 25th


Why are we so obsessed with the Nintendo Wii and other video game consoles when they receive an all new finish?  After all, it’s about what is on the inside not on the outside, right?  You can put that one in your principal bank and smoke it. Conundrum notwithstanding, Nintendo...

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock New Guitar Controller

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Guitar Review

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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, like all the past Guitar Hero titles, comes with a brand new wireless guitar controller. While it doesn’t compare to the real guitar for the upcoming Rock Band 3, it’s pretty darn good in it’s own right. How good? We compare it to the past...

Wii Remote Plus

Nintendo Wii Remote Plus Confirmed


Today, Nintendo confirmed that they are in fact now building the Motion Plus dongle directly into the Wii Mote itself.  That means not extra hardware to lose.  Word also came through that they’ll offer the controller in Blue and Pink in addition to the White and Black finishes, which have...

Level Up Gaming Tower

Level Up Gaming Tower


Sick of your mom and dad yelling at you to clean up the living room because you’ve got your video game crap strewn asunder?  No longer if you invest in the Level Up gaming tower. There’s a version for each major console and in addition to holding your games, controllers,...

wii tablet

The Wii Gets A Digital Drawing Tablet In The uDraw


THQ’s uDraw Gaming Tablet is one of the more interesting game accessories we’ve seen. First of all, it’s on the Wii, and doesn’t have much to do with motion controls, even though the controller rests within it. The four by six inch tablet is coming bundled with a game called...

nintendo wii

Relive Your Childhood With This Goldeneye Golden Controller


Gamers of a certain age should fondly remember playing Goldeneye for the N64 back in the day, where nothing was better than getting the Golden Gun in multiplayer. Capitalizing on those warm memories, Activision is releasing a remake/sequel for the Wii called Goldeneye 007, and they’re bringing a golden classic...