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laundry boy

The LaundryBoy Levels Up Your Hamper


Doing laundry is not the most fun chore of most of us, and so, we often need some form of incentive in order to get us to gather it up and get it in the wash. In the case of gamers, that incentive takes the form of the LaundryBoy. Laundry...


The NES30 Brings Old-School Control To Mobile Gaming


Let’s face it, for most gamers, the controller never, ever got better than the original NES. Square, solidly built, with a pleasing weight to it, the NES controller is, for many, the defining controller. And now you can use it on your iPad, at least until Nintendo deploys its stable...

NES Controller case

Turn Your iPhone 5 Into A Nintendo Controller


Okay so technically, your iPhone won’t actually turn into a Nintendo Controller, but it will look like one at least with the controller case from ThinkGeek! It looks so realistic from the back that no one will ever know that it’s actually a case! This is a great case for...


RetroN 5 Will Let You Play All Your Old Video Game Cartridges


One of the key problems in video game history, as it’s built, is that it’s impermanent. It can be difficult to find any information about older games, and forget playing them. Fortunately, the RetroN 5 will help make old cartridges playable, at least. Genesis Does What Nintendon’t, But You Get...

red bull motocross

Red Bull Creates Real-Life Excitebike Course (video)


Old school gamers might remember Nintendo’s Excitebike video game and now Red Bull has created a real-life course molded after the one in the game. The Red Bull track looks like the game’s with the Straight Rhythym super cross track. The course is a half-mile track that’s filled with jumps and fast...