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Thor Nightlight

Check Out this Glowing Thor Night Light Hammer


If you thought the Avengers USB sticks were cool, check out this night light, the glowing Thor Night Light. I’m not quite sure how it’s “installed”, but the pics on the product page would have you believe that it easily embeds in your wall.  I think not, and in fact...

Kikkerland LP45 Plasma Bulb Night Light

Kikkerland LP45 Plasma Bulb Night Light


Night lights aren’t just for kids. They can easily help make that late-night trip to the restroom easier or that quick trip to the fridge for a midnight snack a lot smoother, which is why you need this cool Kikkerland LP45 Plasma Bulb Night Light. The plasma bulb nightlight creates...


NiteTrip Motion-activated Adjustable Night Light Review


If you need a night light to illuminate part of your house, such as the top of the stairs, you could get an ordinary night light that plugs into an electric wall outlet. However, this will only illuminate the area around the wall outlet. If you need to illuminate a...

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