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LG Intuition Hitting Verizon Sept. 6 for $200

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It’s been sometimes since we heard from LG when it comes to a smartphone.  That said, the company hasn’t released a groundbreaking handset much like Samsung, though their latest, the Intuition, isn’t looking too shabby. At the center of this device is a rather large, and perhaps not pocket comfortable...

Apple iPhone 5 Event

Apple Event Confirmed for September 12th


It’s not new news, or suprising news, but Apple just confirmed that they’ll hold an event on September 12th at the one and only Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.  If you recall, we told you that an event would take place the week of September 9th, but that’s all we...


20 of the Best Android 4.0 Features (list)


This week, Google released a huge update to the Android platform which promises some notable improvements to the look and feel of the interface and which hopes to address the troubling problem of fragmentation of both tablets and smartphones alike. Gingerbread users can look for Ice Cream Sandwich to be...

Galaxy Nexus S

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (video)


Update: Checkout our Samsung Galaxy Nexus review. Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus may not be as slim as the DROID RAZR, but it’s damn close measuring just 8.84mm thin.  However, it puts the RAZR’s screen to shame, by sporting a larger 4.65″ HD (1280×720) Super AMOLED display.  But on the converse, the Galaxy Nexus’...

iPhone 4

Apple Tests Proximity Payment System For Next iPhone


TechCrunch is reporting on Apple’s testing of wireless payment systems today. If you’re unaware of what NFC (near field communication) is, it’s pretty cool — it allows for credit/debit transactions to happen wirelessly using short range transmission. They’re using prototype iPhones to do the tests, which, if they go will,...

In2Pay iphone case

In2Pay: iPhone Contactless Payment Solution From Visa (video)


Visa, the titan of credit cards, announced the In2Pay case for the iPhone today.  It’s essentially enables your iPhone to perform a contactless payment using NFC technology.  The case contains a microSD card that is embedded with a near field communication chip.  Once your details are registered with the corresponding...


First Data and Tyfone Announce SideTap, NFC Payment By microSD Card


Here’s a cool new technology — wireless credit card payments through mobile phone. First Data and Tyfone have announced a new collaboration with the SideTap, a microSD card that allows transactions to occur wirelessly using OTA technology. The device will work with a large number of phones, eliminating the need...