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Nexus One Launched Into Space

Nexus One Launched Into Space On CubeSat


  While other smartphones can only dream of traveling where no man has gone before, Google’s Nexus One can finally claim the distinction of being the first mobile phone to launched into low earth orbit. Developed by Surrey Satellite Technology and the University of Surrey’s Surrey Space Center, the STRaND-1...

Nexus One

Google Sells Out Of Nexus Ones For Developers


Alhough Google closed up their consumer Nexus One shop about a month ago, they were still selling their first Android phone to developers wanting an unlocked version of the phone. But those days are gone, as unexpected demand has left the company totally sold out of the flagship smartphone, looking...

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Google Finally Closes Up Their Nexus One Store


Way back in May, we told you about how Google was going to stop selling their Nexus One themselves, and now that day has come. Their supply is officially gone, so you’ll have to be getting your Google phone elsewhere, folks. At least it’s a well-received phone — I wonder...


Android 2.2 Now Out On The Nexus One


Welp, it’s official. Android 2.2, codenamed ‘Froyo’, is finally hitting smartphones starting with the Nexus One. Android 2.2’s official arrival was last week, if you recall, which let carriers then decide when they were going to unleash the update. If you own a Nexus One, just make sure the thing...

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Google Stops Selling Nexus One Themselves, Increases Retail Presence


Google’s smartphone, the Nexus One, was the company’s big public spearhead for their Android OS, or, as they put it, “a beacon of innovation” for Android headsets. Upon the launch of the phone in Janauary, Google surprisingly experimented with selling the phone themselves (they’re not a company that’s known for...

See Flash On A Nexus One…Crash (video)


[GR]0y7XJI4NN7k[/GR] The Adobe flash debate wages on.  Is it a practical technology for mobile devices to deliver an immersive experience or just a battery suck that can be replaced by the more efficient and Jobs’ favorite, HTML5? Ryan Stewart, a Flash evangelist, showed off Flash working on the Nexus One...

Nexus One Car Dock

Nexus One Car Dock Now Available


Google’s Nexus One card dock is now available for all you Nexus One owners.  It facilitates handsfree operation, charging of your phone and provides faster access to voice and nav apps.  The dock ships with both a suction cup and adhesive disc, which means you can stick it to your...

Nexus One

Google Phone, Nexus One, Now Available


I’m really not all that excited about the prospect of a Google phone, but I’m sure there are more than enough of you out there.  Today the search giant finally made the Google Nexus phone official.  In fact, you can purchase it right now.  Unlocked it will cost you $529,...


The Google Phone May Be Coming Soon


Now here’s an exciting picture for you, folks–what you’re seeing right there is a shot of the Google Phone, the Nexus One. Pics of this thing have been leaking like a sieve to the web at large and initial reports are conflicting at best. Google employees, of course, are operating...