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Apple Debuts Redesigned Unibody Mac Mini


Apple debuted a newly redesigned version of its Mac Mini today, with an aluminum unibody enclosure and updated internals. The new Mini lives up to its name by standing 1.4 inches tall and keeping all of its power supply within the enclosure — no unsightly bricks here, folks. One of...


Rumor: Mac Mini Refresh Coming Soon?


AppleInsider is reporting massive shortages of the Mac Mini, fueling rumors that an imminent refresh of the Mini is coming soon, perhaps on June 6th. They also received a tip that the new models would feature an HDMI port in addition to a mini DisplayPort (rather than the previous generations...


Gadget Rumor: The New Mac Mini


According to reports, a new Mac Mini will be announced on January 5, 2009 at Macworld 2009. This popular little desktop hasn't been refreshed since August 2007 so it's definitely due for an upgrade...

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