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Netflix Android App Now Available, LG Revolution No Go


Despite a previous leak, the LG Revolution will not be the first Android phone to receive Netflix‘s streaming app.  In fact, the HTC Incredible 2, Nexus One, EVO 4G, G2 and Samsung Nexus S are the first Android handsets to stream Netflix movies and TV shows. The app, assuming you’ve got...

Kinect Netflix

Kinect Now Compatible with Netflix on Xbox 360 (video)

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Today, Microsoft issued an update to the Xbox 360 that makes the Kinect compatible with Netflix streaming.  Gamers will be able to use hand gestures to shuffle through their queue as well as you voice commands to activate playback controls, such as pause, play and fast forward. We didn’t know...

Nintendo 3ds and netflix

Netflix 3D? No, But Netflix Is Coming To The 3DS


Today, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime announced that Netflix streaming will coming to the Nintendo 3Ds sometime this summer. Much like the iPhone, 3Ds users will be able to stream movies over WiFi, pause, fast forward and rewind.  However, they’ll also...


Onlive PlayPack Now In Live Beta For $9.99


OnLive is doing Netflix for games, and it’s doing it for just $9.99/month. “PlayPack” is available right now in beta form to those who already have an OnLive MicroConsole or purchase the OnLive Game System, which is a $99 bundle of the console and a controller. OnLive’s aim as stated...