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Chromecast main

Google Chromecast Review


here’s been a lot of effort directed at finding ways to transfer content from a smartphone or tablet wirelessly to the big screen (i.e., TV). The problem has been the lack of a universal standard that everybody can use, and as a result the technology either comes already hardwired into...


Marvel’s Avengers is Now Streaming on Netflix


Hmm, some how I missed the fact that Marvel’s Avengers is now streaming on Netflix.  Yes, streaming, as in not available just for rent on DVD (or Blu-ray). So I was pretty reluctant to see this movie in theaters.  Heck, I thought it was going to be a big pile...


Netflix Signs Exclusive Deal With DreamWorks Animation


Netflix announced that it signed a deal with DreamWorks Animation to stream more than 300 hours of their original content. Netflix will now be the premiere home of new original series from the award-winning creators of global box-office hits including the Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon franchises. The deal also includes the...

Fan TV-1

Is Fan TV the Ultimate Set Top Box?


Eschewing the traditional cable box experience is no easy feat.  Google attempted it with their Google TV, Apple simply provides a box to connect to their iTunes Stores, and while the Xbox One has grandiose plans to become the de facto box in your living room, it likely won’t happen...

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