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Netflix Streaming Arrives On The Mac


About freaking time!  I guess all that bitching and moaning I did finally paid off, or so I’d like to think.  Available now  Mac users can now stream Netflix’s 12,000+ movies and TV shows on their computer.  It’s a beta, so I’m not sure if they’re limiting entries, but I...


Netflix Streaming Finally Arrives On Macs


Netflix has finally solved the DRM issues associated with streaming their movies to Mac computers.  In layman terms that means all Intel based Macs can now stream Netflix 12,000+ movies and TV shows.  Sorry, Power PCs aren’t compatible.  In the end, it looks like they employed Microsoft’s Silverlight technology to...


Netflix API Goes Live Tomorrow

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Don’t even think about hitting the Netflix API site today, because you’ll receive a login prompt.  If you’ve got the dev talent then Netflix has the 100,000 movie and TV episode title database for you to whip up your very own ‘iPhone app’, or whatever inspires you.  The API includes...


New Xbox Experience Launch Date Unveiled


Ready for Netflix streaming on your Xbox? Or perhaps you wanna dress up your avatar and show it off to friends? The New Xbox Experience, which is detailed here with a handful of videos, will go live 9/29 at 12:01 AM. Expect Xbox Live to go down during this time,...


Netflix Opens Up Netflix Player To Others


As we previously reported (it was rumored at the time) Netflix has opened up its Netflix Player to ‘anyone who wants to put their video service on’ it.  Today, they officially released a software developers kit, although I can’t seem to locate it, but I do have a request in...