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NetFlix Blu Ray UpCharge: People Are Pissed


Taking one look at the NetFlix Blog and it's easy to tell how pissed people are about the recent announcement to upcharge the customers renting Blu ray movies. In a time where every dollar counts, people are only seeing this as a greedy move by NetFlix. While we...


Thinking About NetFlix For Blu Ray? Be Ready To Pay More


While more and more BlockBuster and Hollywood Videos crumble under that weight of the almighty NetFlix, the beast is still not satisfied. I literally just got an email from NetFlix saying that on April 27th they will be increasing Blu Ray rates from $1 to [...]...


Netflix for Wii??


The consumer service description below suggests Netflix availability for the Nintendo Wii via a disc you pop in every time you want to view movies. The service would require you to buy a $9.99 streaming disc for operation and the Wii would need an internet connection. Given that...


Netflix Streaming Gaining Ground On Mailed DVDs


Ahh, when the mailbox is just too far to walk these days. And mine's attached to my house! Only in America. With a 45% 4th quarter revenue increase amidst poor economic conditions, Netflix is beginning to cultivate buying power with the all major movie studios that will...

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