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Gadget Rumor: Netflix Streaming Coming To The Wii


Sometime early next month Netflix Streaming will arrive on the PS3.  Now, word on rumor street is that the service is coming to the Nintendo Wii.  Reports say that they’re in the testing phase, while other industry insiders say that Nintendo will wait until next year when they launch an...


The Ink Has Dried: Netflix Exclusive To Xbox 360


Did we know this was coming?  Not that you can’t view Netflix on myriad of other devices and HDTV’s, but now they have provided Microsoft with exclusive console rights to their streaming service on the Xbox 360.  And how fitting that this news should arrive on the same day that...


Gadget Rumor: Netflix Streaming Coming To The iPhone?


According to an industry source familiar with Netflix’s future plans, the DVD rental company will be bringing their streaming service to an iPhone near you (and the Nintendo Wii).  Of course, this news wasn’t a question of if, but when as Netflix opened up their API to any willing participant...


Netflix Streaming Coming To A Sony BRAVIA TV Near You

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I love it. At some point in the next few years the line between TV and Internet machine will be significantly blurred. Adding to the haziness today is Sony. They’ve announced that their Internet Video-capable BRAVIA TVs and those with the Internet Video Link module will be able to stream...