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Netflix And ABC iPad Streaming Video Apps Leaked


The iPad’s arrival is imminent, and screenshots are being leaked out at a rapid pace that purport to show a variety of apps for the device. Of particular interest are ones from Netflix and ABC that would offer streaming video over WiFi. Watching free episodes of LOST and Netflix’s thousands...

Wii Netflix Disc

The Wii Netflix Disc Has Arrived


Why I’m posting this I don’t know, but today we got the Wii Netflix disc.  Unlike the Xbox 360 you gotta insert it anytime you wanna stream.  Lame.  But the good news is that if you ordered one it should be in your mailbox, just in time for Friday night...

Netflix Wii

Netflix Wii Discs Now Shipping!


In case you never knew, now you know.  Netflix Wii discs are now shipping.  Not that the picture quality will be anything to speak highly of, the option to stream mass amounts of content is cool if you don’t already have a Xbox 360, PS3, Mac, or PC. It’s unlikely...


Sony Dash To Get Streaming Video Which Will Include NetFlix


I must have completely missed this thing at CES this year.  What is basically a digital picture frame that runs widgets, news has now reached the blogs that the Sony Dash will now be able to run streaming video from a host of websites including Netflix. What could be a...

Netflix Wii

Confirmed: Netflix For The Wii


Got a Wii?  Rocking a Netflix account?  Good news.  Coming this Spring you’ll be able to stream Netflix directly to the video game console.  Of course you’ll need to make sure you’ve got an Internet connection, an $8.99 a month plan or higher and the Netflix disc inserted.  Yup, you’ll...

netflix nokia

Nokia And Netflix: Together, As It Should Be


If you happen to own one of five kinds of Nokia phone–an E72, E71x, 5800, N97, and N97 mini phones–and you’re fond of Netflix, then I’ve got some great news for you. Netflix, just two days ago, launched a new kind of app exclusively for those five phones, that will...

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