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Onlive PlayPack Now In Live Beta For $9.99

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OnLive is doing Netflix for games, and it’s doing it for just $9.99/month. “PlayPack” is available right now in beta form to those who already have an OnLive MicroConsole or purchase the OnLive Game System, which is a $99 bundle of the console and a controller. OnLive’s aim as stated...

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Netflix App Now Available On The iPhone


It wasn’t a question of if, but when Netflix would make their iPad app compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Well folks, today is that day.  Head over to the app store and download it completely free of charge.  Of course you’ll need the $8.99/month plan, but that’s pennies...


Netflix To Stream EPIX HD Films Starting September 1st


Netflix is on a roll. After yesterday’s news of a forthcoming Android App, the company announced today that titles from EPIX will be available starting September 1st. If you’re unaware, EPIX is a streaming network run by Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM that includes titles like last year’s Star Trek and...


Rumor: Android To Get Netflix Streaming App


Netflix, the web’s premiere paid online streaming service, can be enjoyed by laptop, HDTV & iPad users, and an iPhone app is on the way soon. But Android owners have been out of luck — until now. A job listing from Netflix calling for an “Android Video Playback Expert” makes...


Netflix iPhone App Streams Movies Over 3G & WiFi


Part of Steve Job’s WWDC 2010 announcement today that made some iPhone users very happy was the arrival of an official Netflix app to the iPhone. The app’s launch is following a highly popular iPad version that came with that device’s launch in April. The app will feature an app-optimized...

Netflix iPhone App

Hacked: iPhone Netflix Application


Netflix on the iPhone has already come and gone.  Nope, you didn’t miss it.  In fact, a developer achieved this feat by simply copying the iPad mediaplayer and Netflix application frameworks to the the iPhone and modded the info.plist file.  Unfortunately, soon after the app was remotely disabled.  The reason...

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HD Netflix Now Streaming On Macs And PCs


FINALLY!  Netflix is now streaming over half of their hi-def library to Macs and PCs in HD.  For all you Xbox 360 users this is old news, as the gaming system was able to accomplish this feat since November 2008. [via Giz via Zatz] Read...

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FreeAgent Theater+ HD Add Netflix Streaming Support


Netflix continues their domination of the video rental market with today’s announcement that the FreeAgent Theater+ HD (that’s a mouthful) now supports Netflix Instant Streaming. It will come via software update to the device, along with Youtube, Mediafly, and vTuner content. In addition to playing content from an external FreeAgent...