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Netflix vs. Hulu Plus: The Rematch in 2014 (comparison)


It’s been a while since Gadget Review’s first comparison of Netflix to Hulu Plus. In fact, it’s been over two years. A lot has happened since then. Both streaming video services have delved into original content creation. Netflix has “House of Cards,” “Orange Is the New Black,” and “The Killing.”...


5 Reasons For The Netflix Price Hike (list)


We all knew it couldn’t last; $8 for an all-you-can-stream buffet just was too good for this sinful world. And yes, Netflix will be raising prices by $1 to $2 relatively soon. But why? 1. It Was This Or Less Content. Netflix has to pay for the content it streams,...

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Netflix will pay Comcast for faster broadband


Late yesterday Reuters reported that Netflix will pay Comcast for faster broadband speeds, a first for the largest subscription-based streaming service that has long capitalized on hogging bandwidth, especially with its HD formats, without having to pay internet service providers a toll. That seems to have caught up with Netflix,...


The Onion Reveals Netflix’s Most Popular Function (Video)


If you’ve got Netflix, and more and more of us sign on every quarter, you’ve probably had the painful experience of logging in, looking at your queue… and then scrolling through everything you’ve got, absolutely overwhelmed by choice. And now, according to the Onion, you can pay less for that...