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Team NES Sweatshirt

Team NES Sweatshirt


Sports?  Who needs them when you’ve got video games.  Okay, so it might not get you laid like the star quarterback of your high school football team, but there is something to be said about those who wear it loud and wear it proud.  In this case it’s “Team NES”....

Nes Coffee Table

NES Coffee Table


The Surface Tension Coffee Table was damn cool, but I’m not sure it’s got anything on the NES Coffee Table.  Yup, it’s a life sized, actually over sized NES video game system.  Oh, and stuffed inside the game slot is a gigantic controller, which pretty much brings a whole new...


Tron NES Mod Glows In The Dark


With the release date of Tron Legacy inching closer and closer, more and more cool Tron stuff is coming out of the woodwork. After the Tron Sweatshirt, we now have the Tron NES, made by a custom modder. The Tron NES is constructed out of airbrush paint with blacklight sensitive...

Nes Gamepad USB

NES Retro Classic Controller For $8

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The net is chalk full of NES emulators for the computer but more often than not one thing is lacking: the old school square controller.  Right now Amazon has the NES Retro Classic Controller with a USB connection for $8 – tack on another $5 or $6 for shipping.  Now...


NES Resurrected As A Gaming Pad


The hay day of the original NES might be far behind us, but that didn’t stop one modder from bringing a little of the old to the new.  Called the NEStickle, it combines the NES console from the 80s with a Sanwa joystick and is apparently compatible with not only...

Nes Guitar

NES Guitar Mod Is The Donkey To My Kong (video)


Without a doubt the NES Guitar gets the ‘random post of the day award’ (we don’t actually issue that award).  Apparently, this is the second iteration of the mod and it actually works.  Flipping up the cartridge slot reveals the 3 knobs generally found on a guitar and the AV...


NES Controller Biz Card Holder

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Comic-con officially kicked off today, but I bet you dollars to donuts you won’t have one of these business card holders?  In fact I can guarantee you don’t have the NES Controller Biz Card Holder because it doesn’t ship until this October.  Inside are two compartments: one for holding your...


Retro Mini NES Puts The 80s In Your Hands


When the game cartridge outsizes the console, well, then you know were not exactly dealing with a practical purchase.  The Retro Mini plays all your old 8-bit NES games, just insert the now over sized cartridge in the slot, toss in 4 AA batteries and you’ll be whisked back to...