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Project Natal e3 Invite

Microsoft’s Project Natal Confirmed For E3 2010


Microsoft passed on GDC when it came showing of Project Natal, but the Redmond company just sent invites to select members of the press inviting them to come to E3 where the tech will be on full display.  The “world premiere” of Natal will go down on June 13th and...


Xbox Dead: MicroSoft Abandoning Xbox Live For Original Xbox

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While they haven’t been releasing any new Xbox games for quite some time now, Microsoft has finally decided to pull the plug on the online service for the big black box.  As of April 15th, Xbox Live will be unavailable on the original Xbox. What this means is that you’d...


Gaming Rumor: Microsoft Project Natal Priced


Rumors are creeping around that the best part about Microsoft’s upcoming Project Natal will be its price point.  Right now we are hearing that it will go on sale for $50.  Sounds oddly cheap to me. Will it be bundled with any Natal-style launch titles? In other related motion controlled...