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Natal Cirque De Soleil - 1

Natal Cirque De Soleil Experience (video)


Last night we attended the second, as in not official Xbox 360 Natal Cirque De Soleil event.  Our experience?  A positive yet unusual one.  Microsoft is smart (I know, I never thought I’d find myself saying that).  The word of mouth marketing they’ll get out of these two events will...


Gadget Rumor: Project Natal Price And Launch Date


If you’re like us then you’re sick of hearing about Microsoft’s Project Natal rumored launch dates and price.  Us, being none the wiser though, have decided to post yet another rumor surrounding the motion sensing video game add-on. According to an Edge trusted source, the Natal – an official name...

Cirque De Soleil Natal-1

Project Natal Joins Forces With Cirque De Soleil


I just received an email from Microsoft inviting me to a Natal unveiling on June 14th.  This is a day after the official press unveiling, but what is interesting is that this event includes some sort of show in partnership with Cirque De Soleil.  Keep in mind that I was...

natal price

Swedish Retailer Prices Natal At $200


The jury is still out on Microsoft’s Natal.  They’ll show the device off next month at E3.  There we should hopefully get a hands on with the motion sensing video game device and get a better gauge on how much it will cost.  But until that time arrives will have...


Up Close Pictures Of Microsoft’s Project Natal


It’s Microsoft’s turn for product leaks this week — an Italian site allegedly has images of a Project Natal prototype that reveal new details for the anticipated device. From the images, we can gather that the motion recognition system apparently runs on its own power source, and that the Natal’s...

Inside The Inner Workings Of Microsoft’s Natal (video)


With all these Wiis, Moves, and Natals (don’t those sound weird without the company name behind it?), it appears getting you and your lazy butt off the couch is now one of gaming’s biggest priorities.  Such was the case when Microsoft’s Xbox 360 VP Ilan Spillinger showed off a new...