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Roboglove (video)


Heading to space?  Then you’ll want one of these, the Robo-Glove. It’s effectively the same thing as those robo suits we’ve seen developed for the military.  However, this glove is light weight – no more than 2lbs – and is powered using an off the shelf battery, at least for now....

Nasa iPhone App

NASA iPhone App Could Indirectly Put You On The Moon (video)


Want to control the Mars Rover? There’s an app for that. At EclipseCon, 2010 the annual Eclipse open source community meeting, attendees were given the challenge of creating a robotic control system to drive a NASA robot over a virtual Mars-like environment. Peter Friese and Heiko Behrens decided to create...


NASA Working On Shape Shifting Helicopter Blade


NASA is about to change the helicopter blade as we know it.  First off, you need to understand that the current blade setup is very inefficient.  Each blade, as it passes through air, creates turbulence which for the lack of better words is a challenge for the following blade.  As...