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Acoustiglove iPod Nano Case From Burton Technologies


Talk about forward thinking.  Looking like one of those meat logs tied with twine (or my buddy’s arms), the Acoustiglove silicone iPod Nano case from Burton Technologies is a great new way to stow your Apple Earbuds. As you can see, the cord is wrapped tightly around the case with...


Leaked: iPod 4G (maybe)


I have no way of verifying this, but here’s a photo of the newest iPod Nano. Engadget scored it somehow – bastards. Update: So the ‘<3′ stands for ‘love’ in IM speak.  So who the hell is J.R?  Perhaps a bitter Apple employee who was recently fired?...


Apple Announces September 9th Event


By: Christen da Costa Come one, come all (actually, it’s limited to invite only)! Apple will hold a special event on September 9, 2008. The event has been tagged ‘Let Rock’, thus insinuating it’s music/iPod focused. The Net is flush with rumors of a new Nano in the works, but...

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