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Nokia X7 Photos Leaked, Then Dried

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Two photos isn’t much, but in this case, and not in the case of the Yeti, two photos have been proven enough to confirm the existence of Nokia’s X7 gaming phone. AT&T is in on the deal, as their badge features prominently on the phone, making it the first Symbian^3...

Smallest Stop Motion Video Filmed With Nokia N8 (video)

Smallest Stop Motion Video Filmed With Nokia N8 (video)


[GR]CD7eagLl5c4[/GR] What do you get when you mix a Nokia N8 smartphone, a CellScope microscope, and a really really small figurine made by stretching the very limits of a 3D printer and then hand-painted by artists? You get the world’s smallest stop-motion animation, starring the 0.35 inch tall Dot cruising...

Nokia N8

More Images Of Nokia’s N8 Leak


A preview of Nokia’s N8 touchscreen tablet chock full of images hit the internet tubes recently from a Russian tech site, and while the previewer didn’t exactly like the thing, I’ll reserve judgements until its release. The N8 features a multi-touch display, HDMI out, GPS, and a 12MP camera w/...

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