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Libratone Loop main

Libratone Loop Review


he Libratone Loop is designed differently than most other one-piece speakers — it’s obvious once you look at its somewhat round/oval shape held up by a tripod arrangement of legs. The first thing noticed was the grill cover, which is made of wool and has a distinct appearance. Libratone makes...


F-Pedals Bring Wireless Power To Analog Guitar Pedals


In a world of advancing digital technology, most guitarists are, and for good reason, defiantly analog in how they perform. Analog pedals are simply better-designed and offer better sounding effects, and if an analog pedal breaks, it might sound cool. A broken digital pedal sounds like a synth in a...


Ototo: Turn Anything Into A Musical Instrument


One of the less noted, but uniquely important, achievements in electronics is how it’s created new frontiers in music while simultaneously making it more accessible. Modern synthesizers allow composers to put an entire orchestra at their fingertips. Ototo, on the other hand, allows you to turn anything at your fingertips...


Jabra Solemate Max Breaks The Wireless Sound Barrier


Jabra has introduced their latest product in their portable speaker family – the Solemate Max. The new wireless speaker is designed for wireless music while encompassing chic design cues with its grey exterior that will complement any room or office. It’s fitted with trademark rugged speaker sole so it can be...

DC7BT Bluetooth Docking Station:Receiver front

DC7BT Bluetooth Docking Station/Receiver Review


ireless audio used to require expensive devices using transmission antennas and proprietary technologies. All that changed with Bluetooth because the transmitter comes pre-loaded in mobile devices and computers. But planned obsolescence doesn’t occur as rapidly in the audio world, and many people have no plans to scrap their high-quality, high-priced...